About Us

We Love Baltimore!  The people, the places, the art, the history, the beer.

Natty Poe is a parody of two beloved Baltimore icons.  If you know Baltimore, you recognize and maybe even sympathize with the one-eyed, sad little Edgar.

If you like our design, we'd love to see you in Natty Poe gear.  Check back for the latest additions to our online store.

Our Owner

Kenny Lawton, attorney, skateboarder and graphic artist, was born in Washington, DC.  Skateboarding and skateboard design have been life-long interests.  Natty Poe himself was born as one of many skateboard griptape designs.

Growing up in Bowie, MD granted access to "Belair Boards" and "Crofton International Skateboard Park."  In 1986, as Cannibal Skates, Kenny was the first ever to offer Skateboard Ramp Plans in "Thrasher" magazine.  That Baltimore business continued until law school at the University of Southern California.

In 2001, after several years as a Los Angeles attorney, Kenny returned to Maryland.  Today he drives in the slow lane of the judiciary rat-race, ghost writing for lawyer friends on occassion.  He has sold cotton candy at Memorial Stadium and lemonade at Camden Yards.  While he'd rather still be working at skateshops, skateparks or as a skateboard instructor for city and county parks, Kenny currently works as an IT Specialist for Innermotion Web Design under contract with the National Science Teacher's Association.

In his spare time, Kenny creates hand-crafted skateboards under the trade name Lawton Customs.  These skateboards have their roots in early surf/skate culture and are built to ride.  Art in motion.